There is no question that the future of payments is digital.  Considering the speed of the continued technological advancements in today’s world the Cave Shepherd Card Team is working assiduously to deliver innovative products and services to the Barbadian market, and by extension our valued Cave Shepherd Cardholders.  The launch of the new Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App offers micro and small business owners a new digital method for collecting customer payments using their preferred device. This new service is easy, secure and convenient and most of all backed by Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited, a respected household name.

With the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App, micro and small business owners now have an affordable alternative to the traditional Point of Sale solutions.  This innovative payment solution reduces the need for unwarranted clutter at business establishments, while offering greater flexibility with mobile payments from all Cave Shepherd Cardholders.

Available in both the Google Play and Apple App Stores, the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App includes special Person to Person Transfer features, in addition to a Mobile Payments platform.  As a registered Cave Shepherd Card Mobile Partner, business owners will have the ability to process digital sales, initiate refunds, view In-App transactions, access account summary and gain immediate access to funds and account balances in real time.

From the comfort of their home, micro and small business owners can sign up to become a Cave Shepherd Card Mobile Partner by registered at, which also allows for electronic upload of all required Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation.  Within a matter of two business days, micro and small business owners can be equipped to access payments from over 34,000 Cave Shepherd Cardholders.

Interested business owners are invited to join our growing list of Mobile Partners.  Additional information can be found at or by reaching out to our Business Development Officer, Gail Welch at 629-4430 or email at [email protected] to arrange a demo of the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App.

Cave Shepherd Card is pleased to help pave the way for digital payment transformation across the Barbados payments industry.